Monday, June 15, 2015


We've put together the resources we used and the data that we collected in our camp ON THIS GITHUB REPOSITORY.

There's also a YouTube video (click here) of us walking through the entire exercise. This will help in understanding some of the nuances and will give you a sense of the entire workflow of this exercise.

The folder contains the following documents - 
  • Consent Form.pdf : The form we used to demonstrate the idea of data rights and receive the participants' consent in anonymously sharing the event's data.
  • Scientist Invention.pdf: File containing list of cards used for ice breaking session.
  • ss_gf1.png, ss_gf2.png: Screenshots of google form used for registration of data camp. You can open and view the original here.
  • flash_cards.pdf : The list of 56 cards we used to gather the participants' rating on their 'friendship propensity'.
  • graded datasets.rar : Contains excels of of the 7 groups that participated, each containing within it the grades given by the participants. This is for all you data-crazy enthusiasts out there.
  • Sample.Worksheet.xlsx : A sample worksheet template we used.
  • Kids.Worksheet.xlsx : A sample worksheet with pre-filled data on the input features and formulas to calculate the final result of the classifier we had designed.

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