About AM Research

AM Research is a division of Aspiring Minds. Aspiring Minds aspires to build an assessment-driven job marketplace (a SAT/GRE for jobs) to drive accountability in higher education and meritocracy in labor markets. The products developed based on our research has impacted more than two million lives and the resulting data is a source of continuous new research.
Shashank [webpage] currently leads the Data Science for Kids initiative.

Visit our page for more information: http://research.aspiringminds.com

We'd love to hear from you - 
  • if you think we did a great job here
  • if you want to talk to us about the data-set
  • if you want to discuss the nuances of our machine learning model
  • if you are able to pull this off in a school or college in a town; do share pictures too!
  • if you just feel like saying a hi.
  • If you want to WORK towards spreading data science among kids
You could write to varun _atsymbol_ aspiringminds.com or shashank.srikant _atsymbol_ gmail.com

Go right ahead!


  1. Great Job team !!!

    I would like to spread data science among kids !!!

    9886441771 (blr)

  2. Hi,
    Such as a great idea. Can I join to help kids from my country(Viet Nam)?


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