Monday, June 15, 2015

Using Data to Get More Gifts from Parents - Kids Report - Tanish and Vaibhav

Vaiabhav : "It was a  very good experience and I loved it. I learned how to predict a stranger’s choices just based on his or her data.  It was very good.  I would like to predict my spending."

How will you use what you learned today?

Vaibhav : "I would like to predict what subjects I study I most, how frequently I study specific subject"

Tanish : "It was amazing and I learned many new things like handling excel and I learned about others and cholera and how to solve cholera"

Vaibhav : ‘Solve? Maths problem thodi hein’

Well technically, we did treat it as a math problem.

How will you what you learned today?

Tanish : "Exams. I would take my exam results, from the report card of every year.  And then I will make it on excel and then I will remember the grades and the one I get more grades I will take a gift"

Their work as is:
A pie chart having an existential crisis.


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