Monday, October 26, 2015

Would love a follow up session - Mentor experience by Samriddhi Pendhari (Pune camp)

I immensely enjoyed the whole process of introducing data science to kids, in their language and with the examples they could relate easily. This session introduced me with a different way, in which we can connect younger kids to new possibilities and way of thinking. There was a good mix of students from different background which actually helped mentors to think of day to day examples to explain the concept and where it can be applied.

As a person, I felt enriched with new insight that kids can understand complex concepts if explained in their language and in a simplified manner. The most cool part was to have a predictive tool by the end of the session, which acted as the WOW factor of the whole process. Inferring and predicting the probability of making friends for the third person based on just the data they had, was really something they never had thought of.

I wish, if we can have more such sessions to show them how we can use data to analyze the behavior patterns with different mathematical concepts. It will be great. We could show them how median, mean etc. are utilized in different scenarios. It could be the same session or a follow up session. But maybe its too much to ask for from working professionals :)

Also, at the last, you both (Shashank and Harsh) are great mentors who also helped mentors to conduct the activity part within very short time. Appreciate the whole concept and efforts. Looking forward to get associated with more of such activities, if they happen in Pune.

Thanks for the wonderful office space wherein we did this activity. It was open and lively which accommodated the kids and mentors alike.

Samriddhi Pendhari

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