Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Data Science For Kids Goes International

We successfully organised our first international data science workshop for kids at the University of Illinois as a part of SAIL, a one-day event to learn more about life on campus by attending classes taught by current students. 
The workshop aimed towards introducing the idea of machine learning and data-driven techniques to middle-to-high-school kids. Participants went through a fun exercise to understand the complete data science pipeline starting from problem formulation to prediction and analysis.


Special mention and thanks to the mentors, Narender Gupta, Colin Graber and Raghav Batta, students at the university who helped us execute the academic and peripheral logistics of the workshop efficiently and making the experience engaging and interesting for the attendees.

Narender Gupta                                                                    Colin Graber                                                                         Raghav Batta

To read the mentor experiences click here.
sail.cs.illinois.edu for more information on the event or workshop.

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