Monday, June 15, 2015

Making Personalized ID cards for the Kids using Data - Mentor Experience by Harsh

It was the first time something like this was being done and we were all pretty excited. A Data Camp for kids? Other than the fact it was the first Data Camp for Kids we know of, it was also the first camp we were organizing as a company for the kids. The team stayed back in the office till midnight in preparation and the atmosphere was set by pizzas and numbers as we sat down trying to figure out the course content, flashcards, logistics etc.

The thing I was excited about the most was personalized ID cards for the students. So we have made them fill a form (todo) before coming to the camp. Apart from basic registration details we had also captured answers to ‘Name any one of your favorite books’ and ‘Mention one learning from your classes which has impressed you and made you think’.
We wanted to add personalized quotes to each ID card based on the interests of the students.
We had a to make 18 such cards.

Some of the answers about the learning in class question were:
My teacher told us that Mangalyan has gone on Mars and if scientist find life on mars what they will do?' I thought that they will make a spaceship from which we can reach mars in a single day and some of the people will start living on Mars.

So for this curious little chap, we made this:

Similarly, this one mentioned her love for Charlie and Chocolate Factory and we decided to write her a poem.

This one was a Potter fan. Whom I decided to give a lesson in linearity and averages.

This one loved Ben Ten. So we taught Ben Ten to do some viz.

Data can be scary too.

We decided to teach this guy fascinated by the phases a moon, about questioning units.

So we pretty much mixed poetry, facts and small lessons of statistics for personalizing the data!
Hope they learn something from this or Google a thing or two when back home! I had a lot of fun making these cards!

Disclaimer: We don’t hold the copyrights of the images used.

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